A big hearty congratulations to Bee Cheng Hiang, Singapore on the Grand Opening within the Jewel of Changi Airport and may it shine and prosper with many years to come.

Store has officially been launched on the April 17 2019. Another year, marks another milestone.

TRULY multifaceted store within the “Jewel”. Crafting a truly wonderous, one-of-kind experience for any visitors that graced the store. A Barbeque Theatre – where visitors could feast their eyes on the grilling of bakkwa as well as bask in the surroundings that could be found within the “Jewel” like the “Tallest indoor waterfall” that is surrounded by beautiful indoor landscape garden.

It was 1933 when an enterprising migrant developed an idea to peddle his mobile cart along the street of Chinatown to sell his unique and tasty homemade barbecued meat. Business was especially brisk during festive seasons for this high quality delicacy. Mr. Teo Swee Ee introduced this traditional cuisine as ‘Bakkwa’.

This marked the birth of Bee Cheng Hiang legacy.

With over 80 years of commitment under our belt, our value remains unchanged. We believe in delivering the finest to our customers and their loved ones and for them to experience enjoyable moments in life through the sharing of our products.